Nowadays, everyone owns a smartphone and for almost everything they use smartphones. Certainly, it makes your work easier than ever before. People are using their smartphones for reading e-books or any other content. Well, but nothing can replace the traditional way of reading book.

When it comes to languages, mastering the language gives you confidence and makes it easy for you to communicate well. Yes, you can find the list of best books to learn English listed below:

Best books to learn English writing

Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation – Llynne Truss

This author of this book has given a personal touch to this book by including her personal experience. She has focussed on quote ‘injustice to Punctuations’ (to mention in her words) The unique style of writing certainly makes this book worth reading as you will enjoy the learning with fun. The book is worth buying. The book is worth buying even for normal reading.

Word Power Made Easy – Norman Lewis

This book is highly recommended as it is the perfect choice not only for those are less confident over English language skills but also for all others. It is truly an amazing masterpiece to read over and over again.

Secondly, this book is not just restricted to a specific skill but also covers each and every section of the language along with practice papers fully solved for you. This will help you practice and excel in the English language easily.

Usage & Abusage – Eric Partridge

Usage and Abusage are choosing the right words will become easy for you. You will also learn conjunctions and participles alongside. This book’s update version by author, Janet Whitcut is highly recommended for those who want to master English the right way. The author has also included a new section in the book – ‘Vogue Words’.

Best books for Spoken English

Spoken English – Alison Reid

The name itself says it all. This is a perfect book that covers everything about verbal communication. For you, as a reader, this book helps you create better sentences and converse with everyone confidently.

Note: More than reading speaking skills can be enhanced through practical and frequent conversations. In case there is no one with you to develop your spoken English, just practice while standing in front of the mirror and practice with your own reflection.

Best book for English Reading

The Diary of a Young Girl

You will feel happy to have this book in your book-shelf. Certainly, there cannot be any other book better than this. Reading skill needs to be developed by spending time and over a period you become a good reader. This book will help you read better and develop your reading skills with time.

1st to Die – Author James Patterson

Patterson’s has a simple and easy writing style and has plenty of actions words that you can learn. The book contains easy to understand information along with free quiz that makes it interesting for the readers. It is a comprehensive thriller that holds your interest till the end with some fantastic revelations at the end-minute.

Mr. Mercedes – Stephen King

You may find the language used by the author in this book bit advanced. As the characters that the author has portrayed are quite realistic, the book helps you know how people interact. Indeed an amazing set of 3 books with a lot of content written in a conversational tone. You can read it to improve your spoken English and also you will have a good collection of words added to your vocabulary after you finish reading the book.

Until the End of Time – Danielle Steel

This book has plenty of words used but the language is pretty easy to understand for an intermediate learner. Through the story of couples who believe that love certainly lasts forever makes you believe so meanwhile improving your vocabulary with the stock of words which you find in this book.

One for the Money – Janet Evanovich

This book gives you an idea about how native English speakers converse. You can learn the way they talk. It is a fast-paced yet comprehensive book ideal for intermediate readers. The story revolves around the main character and you will find it engaging and interesting due to the conversational tone used in the book.

The Martian – Andy Weir

This book is going to give you the opportunity to learn a whole lot of words & terms. Well, there is no conversational tone found in the book as the main character is on Mars alone. But, you can get familiar with a lot of space topics and related words about astronauts and Mars, etc.

Stiff – Mary Roach

The author has written in a conversational tone rather explaining scientific aspects clearly.  Well, if some unusual subjects interest you like what happens to the bodies after death. Yes, the author has written the book in a friendly manner with a lot of scientific words along with common words that elaborate life and death making the content of the book quite interesting.

The Wright Brothers” – David McCullough

The plethora of amazing vocabulary words included in this book.  The words describe the history of people and their growing phase. You can say this book is an advanced biography that includes a load of difficult language. The words actually speak about the history and a lot of information about people and things.

Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell

Outliers is an excellent book ideal for advanced English learners who wish to learn more phrases and words on psychology. Apart from helping you learn words as well as phrases based on psychology you will also be able to find answers to common questions like what makes anyone successful. The author believes that it’s just not the intelligence & personality that makes you successful but also the environment around you contributes to your success.

Sincerely, Carter – Whitney Gracia Williams

Looking for a simple book that comes with lots of fun then this book gives you the fun you are looking for in simple language. The books seem to be quite interesting as you learn the English language along with knowing about falling in love and how gradually the friendship transforms into romance.

Note:  Based on your interest and genre, – choose the books you like and enjoy reading them. Make sure you choose the books that are easy to understand and make reading interesting.

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