Well, if you are willing to learn a new language and decide to learn French over other languages, then it is important to have good knowledge of French grammar as well have a good vocabulary, to begin with.

If you are planning to learn French through books then you may find plenty of them to help you out, but the idea is to choose the ideal book that helps hold your interest while helping you learn French.

The article will help you out choose from best books to learn French so that you get the right guidance whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner. 

Best French books for Beginners

Contacts: Langue et culture françaises  by Jean-Paul Valette & Rebecca Valette

This book is a perfect guide for beginners to get help with right pronunciation and also includes French-English dictionary at the back of this book so that you don’t have to shuffle between dictionary and book.

The most important aspect of the book that makes it even more interesting is its amazing visuals.

In case you find audio based listening exercises then make sure you buy the supplemental audio along with the book to make the learning process easier.

Entre Amis by Michael D. Oates

If you love graphics and want the book to be a bit more flamboyant then this book is loaded with graphics that would add fun to the learning. You can say an ideal book for those who have intermediate knowledge of the language, but an excellent book for beginners too as it comprises French that helps the beginners to start learning French with enthusiasm.

A lot of modules present in this book primarily focus on real and verbal interactions. The books emphasize vocabulary too.

Easy French Step-by-step – Myrna Bell Rochester

Being one f the best sellers on Amazon this book is a good book considering many aspects.

The book walks you through various modules in an organized way which is quite sensible from the learners’ point of view.  You will find 300 + verbs highlighted according to their importance. Verbs play an important role, to begin with, and you will get a strong base of grammar, vocabulary while progressing through each chapter.

Best French books for Intermediates

En bonne forme –  Simone Renaud and Dominique van Hooff

This book is full of slang and idioms.

In case you need some help with grammar this book is a perfect choice to brush your grammar skills and also gives you the opportunity to add advanced vocabulary to your stock of French words. Indeed a wholesome for French grammar as it guides you through tenses with relevant examples paying attention to each and every detail.

Moments Litteraires – Bette Hirsch & Chantal Thompson

Well, if you want to sail through the journey of fluency then this is the right book for you.

You will be able to have a good grasp over details of grammar and also be able to have a strong vocabulary. One of the French masterpieces from the past which comprises of pre/post reading tasks that will help you gain maximum through reading.

Mise en scene- cinema et lecture – Cheryl Krueger

If you are a French student then you may love watching French movies. Yes, this book is exactly like watching a French movie which you enjoy a lot while expanding your knowledge, vocabulary, culture and other things put all together. You will enjoy reading this book just like you enjoy watching a movie. It is kind of fun learning to explore this book.

Best French books for Advanced learners

Advanced French – Monique L’Huillier

The book is little beyond just a general textbook. The book is easy to understand and is crafted for English speakers. You will come across tons of French examples taken from a range of texts and you will get detailed information about all queries you have related to grammar questions. The book is quite helpful with an index that includes plenty of phrases, subjects, and vocabulary which makes the learning process easier.

Le Bon Usage – M. Grevisse

This book has come up with a new edition online too. Talking about this book, you may find little intimidating but if you are quite serious about learning French language irrespective of whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional learner, this book answers all your questions in a systematic way.

A complete book for all levels of learners so certainly a worth buy.

Short Stories in French: New Penguin Parallel Text

If you are a causal French reader, then this book is a good option to go with. It comprises of amazing short stories both in English and French and English. You would be able to comprehend the book easily which holds your interest in reading the book.

Learning can be fun and interesting and this book has combination of both.

Other Amazing French books for French Learners

501 French Verbs

Yet another masterpiece to have in your bookshelf! In case you forget the past participle of any word, simply pull out this book and you will find there and also the book teaches you how to make it in all other main tenses.

You are right it is made with a count of 501 verbs. No matter at what level of learning French you are, this book is a must in your shelf.

Mastering French Vocabulary: A Thematic Approach – Wolfgang Fischer & Anne-Marie Plouhinec

You don’t need to feel bad even if you learned French for many years as a student and still didn’t acquire in-depth knowledge of French language and ended up with ample of grammar knowledge. In such cases, you may be thinking of improving your vocabulary and need some help. Well, this book will assist you as it has more than five thousand words and phrases presented in an organized manner to make it easy for you to read and learn.

Larousse French-English Dictionary

A good dictionary is must for every French learner to speed up learning process.

You may find plenty of dictionaries through apps adopting new methods of translation, but some traditional translating methods always win.

The book comes in a range of editions as well for you to pick the one that meets your needs. The editions available are for college students, middle schoolers etc in different versions like hardcover, concise version, pocket version etc.

Exercises in French Phonics – Francis W. Nachtmann

Have you ever thought of phonics? Yes it is so important isn’t?

Well, if you have an excellent vocabulary, good grammar skills but sound a little weird while speaking then this book is a boon for you.

If you are looking forward to keep your pronunciation on track then this book is the right resource you can rely on.

Complete French Beginner to Intermediate Course

It is yet another book that aims to help learn French for all levels of learners – Beginner to Advanced level learners. The book contains 416 pages along with 25 chapters which cover almost everything like reading, speaking, writing & listening.  You get CDs if you love to learn through listening audios.

Ultimate French Beginner-Intermediate – Living Language

The book was written by expert writers at Living Language to help you learn French from scratch.

Ultimate French offers an amazing combination of conversation and culture in an enjoyable, interesting and easy to comprehend format.
This book helps everyone learn the language whether you are a school student, traveler, working professional or you just need to brush up your French skills.

The book consists of interactive dialogues with helpful idioms. Also, you get to learn to translate French to English with proper grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

The book makes learning interesting through Quizzes and also review sections are included to help you track your progress.

No matter what the purpose is for learning French, selecting the best book which is easy to understand and makes learning interesting is important. So, make sure you check the index given in any book that you plan to buy to know the contents included in the book.

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