Whether you wish to learn Spanish with movies, books, audios is completely a personal choice, but if you choose to read books and learn Spanish, you need to select the right book that helps you gain proficiency in Spanish.

Certainly, when you browse through books that help you learn Spanish you will find a number of them online. It can be a daunting task to choose the best one that suits you. This article will help you go through a list of best books to learn Spanish and it would be certainly helpful.

“Practice Makes Perfect Complete Spanish Grammar

books on learning Spanish

The “Practice Makes Perfect” as the name suggests is a perfect series covering crucial grammar rules so that you learn how to communicate in Spanish that too grammatically correct.

The book contains elaborated examples along with free online audio to help you practice more. The book comprises of a lot of exercises that are ideal for all learning styles

The format of the book is easy to understand and you can learn at your pace.

Books to learn Spanish Vocabulary

“Oxford Picture Dictionary English-Spanish”

Spanish learning books

One of the best books which itself is a bilingual picture dictionary. It means that each and every term mentioned in this dictionary is explained through drawings.

This dictionary has role plays, stories, visuals information of dialogues and words that enables you to learn vocabulary faster. It is just not an ordinary dictionary and contains interesting text which you can go through and learn through visuals too.

See It and Say It in Spanish

Spanish learning books

The books help you learn to level 1 – Spanish vocabulary with pictures. The book helps you learn vocabulary easily through 2 distinct.

Firstly, the author uses the word & picture method. This technique supports every new sentence or word with a line drawing that elaborates its meaning clearly.

The second method is ready-made vocabulary which explains Spanish phrases and words that are similar to respective English words so that it becomes easy for you to converse in Spanish.

The integration of these 2 methods presents their readers the effective way of learning.

Book to learn Spanish Conversation

“Living Language Spanish, Complete Edition”

spanish learning textbooks

You can call it a large multimedia Spanish learning program that comes with 3 books for all 3 levels of learning. Apart from 3 books, it comprises of 9 CDs wherein there are 3 CDs for every level.

If you wish to learn Spanish faster, then this is the book for you. The main goal of this book is to help you learn conversational Spanish.

By the time you finish this book, you will get to learn a stock of words, sentence framing and conjugations with every chapter.

Spanish Books to improve Reading

“Spanish Novels: Muerte en Buenos Aires”

spanish learning textbooks

The book will take you through a detective story with small chapters. The grammar here is quite simple along with simple sentences and vocabulary so everything becomes simple and easy to understand.

You will be able to learn a lot of helpful vocabulary on various subjects. Enjoy reading one chapter a day and you will find the difference in your learning.

A Second Spanish Reader: A Dual-Language Book

spanish learning books for beginners

This book feature dual-format which means on one page you will find text written in Spanish and on another in English. The page written in the English language is the translation of the page written in Spanish.

This method of dual-format helps as while learning if you find words/sentence that you didn’t understand then right on the other page you have its English translation to understand.

This book is the ideal choice for intermediate to advanced Spanish learners.

Mastering Spanish Vocabulary

spanish learning books for beginners

It is not easy to communicate with others if you lack basic vocabulary. The writer and his team have helped you improve your stock of words through a simple way of learning vocabulary.

As the book is based on a theme it becomes easy for you to learn if you want to know about something in particular. For example, if you want to know how to use the right vocabulary while conversing at a restaurant etc or a doctor.

With audio MP3 included with the book, you can read the word and also hear them which will help you learn the exact pronunciation.

Barron’s 501 Spanish Verbs 

books on learning Spanish

Once you master the basic vocabulary, you need to move on to learning some verbs. This edition will give you an introduction to the commonly used and heard verbs in Spanish.

You will have to gain knowledge of verbs through this book. With even minute details this book is going to teach you everything you need to know about tenses and verbs.

The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice

The book includes plenty of exercises that help you assess your Spanish knowledge.

The instructions are given in Spanish which helps you test how comfortable are you reading the Spanish language. Though there are some sections in the book in English to help you get going.

Best Books to learn Spanish as a beginner

In case you are a beginner the 5 books listed below are going to help you to learn Spanish easily.

Spanish Short Stories For Beginners by Olly Richards

spanish learning books for beginners

The short stories give you a wonderful experience while learning grammar, vocabulary, etc that may sound challenging for you in Spanish. The book is the right book for those who enjoy fun learning without any stress.

Once you finish reading the beginner’s stories you also have another section of stories for intermediates to explore.

Short Stories In Spanish: New Penguin Parallel Text

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This is another book with a series of short stories for you to enjoy reading and learning. The stories presented here may be quite difficult to understand for beginners. But, you can read the English translation given in this book on the right-hand page in a parallel way.

Also, it saves your time searching for words in a dictionary.

El Principito by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

spanish learning books amazon

It is the right pick for beginners as it has easy to understand contents and as you maybe already read the story it becomes easy to learn in the Spanish language.

For beginners, the book maybe not that easy on the very first day while learning Spanish. On the other hand, if you have been reading this for a couple of months now, you will end up having command over basic vocabulary.

The “Clásicos Adaptados” Series

spanish learning books amazon

It is not just one book but a series of books. The series comprises of the amazing and popular craft of Spanish literature especially written for beginner learners.

The series in the book help the beginners get the easy book that helps them learn Spanish. Those who prefer easy books to read this book is worth buying for Spanish readers.

First Spanish Reader: A Beginner’s Dual-Language Book by Ángel Flores

spanish learning books for beginners

Like any other short stories book listed above this book is written for Spanish learners at the beginner level. The book is pretty simple and easy to read short stories with English translations to make the entire process of learning Spanish flawless.

The learning materials included in this book aims to help you how native Spanish speakers and their culture.

Lonely Planet Spanish Phrase Books

spanish learning books for beginners

The author has included native vocabulary especially regional with relevant phrases put into this small book that you can carry even while you are traveling.

So, it is the best book that is sleek, compact in size for people who wish to learn Spanish while traveling, long journeys by bus, train, etc.

The book helps you a lot many things like starting a sentence, phrases that you hear often, speak and sound like a local, etc.

Learning any new language is certainly a challenge and for intermediate, to advanced learners, it is equally challenging. It is important to select the book that helps you with learning Spanish easily no matter whether you have just started, want to improve Spanish or want to gain proficiency. Look for the book reviews, contents to decide which book would suit you the best.

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