Mandarin, the official language in China, has become one of the leading languages around the world. With the growing Chinese influence across the globe, businesses and the professionals connected with them have started realizing the need to learn this language in recent years.

Are you also looking for the best way to learn Mandarin online? Don’t go by Chinese script as it can make things look a little confusing to you. There are numerous resources to learn the language. In fact, the internet abounds with such resources. Read on to know more about some top-notch options that will help you master the language in quick time with regular practice.

About Mandarin Language

Those who are desirous of learning the official language of China, there are two popular choices: Mandarin and Cantonese. The former is more popular and used in Mainland China than the latter. For any English speaker, it can be a little out of the place to get accustomed to using the vocabulary and characters of the language. Then again, you can simplify matters for yourself if you focus on the basics and do your homework right.

If you wish to learn the language which is popular in Mainland China, you should look for ways to establish your command over Chinese Mandarin as this is the main language which is used for both common and official communication.

Countries in which Mandarin is Spoken

As already discussed in the previous section, Mandarin is the official language of Mainland China. However, it is also spoken in a number of other regions besides the central parts in China. These include Taiwan, Indonesia and parts of Vietnam. Mandarin is also one of the recognized languages in the United Nations.

Ten Innovative Ways to Learn Mandarin online in 2019

Now that you know a thing or two about Mandarin, it is time to look for some ways to learn this language. This will come in handy for you to reach out to the Chinese community, both in China and outside it. It is important to remember that English is not as popular in the country as it is in the other regions. So, it can be a little tricky for English speakers to maintain communication.

However, there are also some smart ways to learn Mandarin language and if you implement them, you can learn the language within a few months’ or even for that matter, in a few days’ time.

1. Find a vocabulary resource

In the initial phases of learning a language, get oneself accustomed to using the right vocabulary plays an important role in improving one’s communication skills. Once you figure out a few basic words that you are likely to use on a daily basis, looking for their tense patterns and other grammatical forms would be a piece of a cakewalk. For best results, pick up words that you use for your daily communication. A book or even a website on the internet will be helpful.

2. Watch Mandarin TV shows

Apart from building up a healthy stock of words to widen your vocabulary, you may also want to know how to pronounce those words. As is the case with English, you would also need to move your tongue in a particular way in order to pronounce them correctly. A smart way to do this would be to watch some Mandarin shows that are available on the internet. It is a fun way of learning a language.

3. Listen to Mandarin Podcasts

Another way of learning Chinese in quick time is to listen to some Chinese podcasts. In fact, this can be more useful to you than the previous one, provided you are patient enough to listen to an audio clip with your active listening skills. This is a great option to crack the code as far as the intonation of Chinese Mandarin is concerned.

4. Familiarize Yourself with Mandarin Characters

At the outset, Mandarin characters look like symbols. If you merely go by the appearance of the characters, you would feel as if it would take ages for you to acquaint yourself with them. Be patient and give it some time. As you commit them to memory one by one and keep writing them in a character workbook, you will get used to them in quick time.

5. Learn How to Use Mandarin Vocabulary

One important thing which a learner of any language needs to understand is collocations. Find out which words go with the words that you have chosen to remember. This will improve both your oral as well as written communication skills in Mandarin.

6. Read Mandarin Text

You will find many resources on the internet to learn Chinese in this way. Of course, you need to know the characters and their combinations before performing this step. Once you start using this method of learning the language, you would not need to look behind as it wouldn’t take much time and effort thereafter to better your skills.

7. Chat with a Native Mandarin Speaker

As you converse in Mandarin Chinese, you will get better and better with your verbal skills. If you know of someone who belongs to China or uses this language, you can use it to your advantage. Also, you can use the internet to build connections with new people and chat with them using the language. Do not be afraid of making mistakes as the more mistakes you make, the more you would learn.

8. Use Audio Flashcards

Think about using audio flashcards to familiarize yourself with the language. Use this technique in conjunction with the other ones to learn the language in a quick time.

9. Keep a Workbook or Worksheet Handy

After getting a hint of various aspects related to Mandarin, it is time to test your skills. Whether you wish to test your grammar skills or vocabulary, you can do so using a workbook or a worksheet. If you do not have a hard copy of it, you can download one or use one online.

10. Use a Mandarin Chinese Learning Tool

Technology has a solution to almost everything these days. It also has a solution for you to learn Mandarin Chinese. You can either go for free or paid Chinese tools for the purpose.

Final Thoughts

Learning a language needs commitment and practice. Plus, you also need to be realistic about your expectations. With these three elements, coupled with the aforementioned techniques, you will surely succeed in learning Mandarin in 2019.

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