Punjabi, the language of Punjab province in both India and Pakistan has gained in popularity – thanks to the Punjabi movie industry and pop songs. The popularity of the language has also increased due to the growing numbers of non-resident citizens in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other European countries.

If you have made a resolution of learning the language this year, there is no reason why you should look back or take a backseat. There are plenty of tools and resources available on the internet which will make it simple and easy for you to learn the language. Read on to know more about the best way to learn Punjabi online.

Countries in which Punjabi is Spoken

Punjabi is written in Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi script and in spoken exclusively in the parts of Panjab, both in India and Pakistan. In addition, it also has the status of a minority language in certain other countries with immigrants from Punjab.

Best Websites to learn Punjabi

If you are looking for one of the easiest means to learn Punjabi, the internet is your best friend. While there is no denying the fact that you would come across numerous websites if you run a search for websites to learn Punjabi, you may want to choose the helpful ones. This move will expedite the process. Consider going with one of the websites given below.


eLearnPunjabi is one of the most useful websites on the internet to learn Punjabi online in quick time. It touches the base with the basic. Starting from the alphabets and numbers that are used in the script, it also introduces the various forms of greetings that are used in Punjabi. Thus, it is ideal for those who have just started to learn the language. And it is free to use as well.


ClubPunjabi is another useful website to learn Punjabi for free. It has audio and video lessons in an easy-to-learn and easy-to-understand format to help the learners of the language get used to the basics within a short span of time.

Listen and Learn USA

If you have been looking for a systematic way to learn Punjabi, then Listen and Learn is the one which ticks all the right boxes of these criteria. It has a systematic and well-planned course for serious learners who wish to learn Punjabi in quick time.

You can either choose to learn the language face to face from office or home or you can choose to take your lesson over Skype. There are various price plans. In case one of the price plans doesn’t look good enough to you, you can take a look at the other price plans and then make a decision. Charges can be a tad higher. Plus, the option to learn Punjabi from this website is available only for the residents of the United States and Canada.

Instant Immersion

If you do not mind spending a few bucks to learn Punjabi in the way in which it should be learnt, then Instant Immersion is the right course for you. The course offers two options: you can either choose to learn the basics or you can also learn it at an advanced level. While the cost for the former is $29.95, the latter costs $49.95.

Best podcasts to learn Punjabi

Punjabi is a language which you could learn much quicker by listening to podcasts than reading texts. If you agree to this idea, then there are some sites that offer free audio lessons for those who are enthusiastic about learning the language. Choose one of the podcasting sites from the list given below and start your journey of learning the language like a boss.

Punjabi FM

FM radio is one of the best sources to establish a strong foothold over the Punjabi language. Punjabi FM has all it takes to help you learn the language like a pro without even paying a dime.

Radio City Punjabi

Radio City Punjabi is the one-stop destination for Punjabi podcasts. The website has tons and tons of free podcasts on offer.

Sound Cloud Punjabi Podcast

Sound Cloud Punjabi Podcast has numerous audio podcasts for the learners of the Punjabi language. You can choose a podcast of your choice and get started.

Best mobile apps to learn Punjabi

If you prefer to take your lessons on a smartphone instead of a computer, then a mobile app is what you should consider. Fortunately, a number of applications are there for users and many more are on the pipeline. Here are the two mobile applications that will make the process of learning the Punjabi language a breeze for you.

Learn Punjabi

This free Android application has been designed to help learners get used to the letters and numbers used in the Punjabi language. Plus, it also teaches you certain other things across different categories.

Simply Learn Punjabi

Simply learn Punjabi consists of expressions that are of common use. This free Android application has a good collection of expressions on various topics.

Learn Punjabi Gurmukhi Tone

This is a free Android application which teaches Punjabi in a fun way. This website is your best bet to learn the language without wasting time or money.

If you have made a resolution to learn Spanish in 2019, use these tools along with your own methods of learning to see positive results.

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