When the thought of learning Russian crosses one’s mind, the next thing which one thinks of is getting a visa to travel to the Eurasian country. However, at present, one does not need to do so to learn the language. One can do it right at the comfort of one’s home. In contrast to the perception that Russian is hard to learn, the truth is that you can learn it in quick time if you follow the easy methods.

Unlike English or any other European language, the words in Russian are pronounced as they are spelt. You only need to grasp the grammar structure relating to it, and you will be good to go with even a limited vocabulary.

Countries in which Russian is spoken

Russian used to be the native language of the USSR or the erstwhile Soviet Union. Though the union has disintegrated into Russia and several other states, it is still used in all the nations. The countries wherein Russian is used include Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus.

Best websites to Learn Russian Online

There are tons of websites on the internet that can help you master both oral and written communication skills of the official language of Russia. Given below is a list of some top websites which will make it a breeze for you to acquire a good knowledge of the language.


MasterRussian offers a comprehensive course of Russian with a variety of aspects. It is a website with tons of free resources relating to common Russian words, podcast, introduction to Russian alphabets, lessons on Russian grammar and some common idiomatic expressions pertaining to the language. Plus, it also has Russian guest lessons.

No matter whether you are a beginner or have been learning the language for some time, this amazing website will never disappoint you in learning the language in any way.


Do not go by the name of the site. Though it gives the impression of being a dictionary-based website, it is all about Russian grammar. In fact, it is a breath of fresh air as far as coping with the fundamental aspects of Russian grammar is concerned.

If you are bound to learn this language without a choice, this free site will bail you out of the trouble of getting yourself acquainted with Russian grammar structure and syntaxes.


As the name suggests, RussianForEveryone is a website which is designed for all enthusiasts with varying levels of knowledge. One of the highlights of the site is that it divides the lessons into separate sections. In case you are a beginner, you can begin right from the start. If you already know a thing or two about Russian, you can choose your lesson from the list and advance your plan of being a pro in the language.

With this free and amazing resource at your disposal, you will not need to look anywhere else for lessons on Russian.


RussianLessons is another treasure trove of online lessons on the Russian language. Just like the aforementioned resources, this one also provides learners with similar features and services without charging even a dime.

Best Podcasts to Learn Russian Online

Apart from online classes, listening to podcasts is yet another intuitive way of learning Russian. In fact, unlike other traditional methods, it is the modern way of learning a language. Whether you wish to touch the basics or want to expand your knowledge base of the language, there are numerous online podcast sites that will help you with learning the language in a quick time.


Do you wish to learn Russian with fun by following one of the easiest methods? If yes, then RussianPod101 is what you should look for. It is one of the best audio-video resources available on the internet.

A Taste of Russian

A Taste of Russian targets intermediate Russian learners. It introduces a learner to some colloquial phrases which can come in handy while communicating with a native Russian speaker. The podcast is available for download on the website in MP3 format with good audio quality. Moreover, it is free.

Very Much Russian

Very in Russian is for advanced language learners. You need to be thorough with the basics in order to make the most out of this free Russian podcast. The MP3 audio files available for free download on the website is your best bet to learn idioms, slangs, and colloquialisms apart from the aspects relating to the language.

Russian Podcast

Russian Podcast has more than 200 podcasts for both intermediate and advanced learners. In fact, this website is loaded with audio materials to turn an intermediate Russian learner to an advanced one. You can also get a PDF version of the podcasts which consists of English translations. This free podcast website covers almost all categories of the language that you can think of.

Best mobile apps to Learn Russian Online

If you are on the go, mobile applications will help you minimize the hassle of learning the language. Because you can carry your smartphone in your pocket, you can access them as and when you want and keep learning the language. Below given are the best mobile applications to Learn Russian Online:


Memrise is a free mobile app for learning Russian on iOS and Android platforms. The mobile application packs tons of features and is useful for English, Japanese, Italian, German, French and Spanish speakers.


For beginners and intermediate speakers, Busuu is a free application to grasp the basics of Russian on Android and iOS platforms. It is a free mobile app which also works offline and offers more than 150 lessons on the language.

If you have made a resolution to learn Spanish this year, use these tools along with your own methods of learning to see positive results.

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