Is Spanish a difficult language to grasp for a non-native speaker? This is one of the first questions which crosses the mind of a learner who thinks about learning the language. While some believe it is hard due to its speed, others think it is manageable. Whether you wish to learn the language for traveling or to simply talk to a friend or acquaintance from Spain, you can take heart from the fact that there are fun and innovative ways to learn it.

Spanish Speaking Countries

Spanish is the mother-tongue in Spain but it is also used in a number of other countries. These include Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Venezuela and a number of other countries.

Best Ways to Learn Spanish Online in 2019

When you come to think of it, there are enough reasons why you should start learning Spanish. Today, it is a language which is spoken in a majority of nations. By mastering the art of communication relating to the language, you will be able to interact with the Spanish speaking population in these countries.

Here are some top platforms which will help you learn the language in a quick time. Make sure you use the platforms given below to learn the language to see the positive outcomes.

Websites and Platforms that You Can Use to Learn Spanish Online

If you are planning to learn Spanish, you will find plenty of useful material to learn the language in quick time on the internet. Here is a list of some leading websites from which you can learn the language in a matter of few months.

Rosetta Stone Spanish

Rosetta Stone is a useful resource to learn Spanish for all learners of the language. It offers handy lessons for visual, kinesthetic and even auditory listeners. The resource breaks up the overall language into smaller chunks for the sake of convenience, both for elementary and advanced learners. What it means is that you have the liberty to choose the parts that you wish to learn, depending on your requirements.

This piece of software is all about immersive processes of learning with a helpful selection of greeting, phrases and expressions and is available at a premium subscription. You can get it at three distinct packages worth $7.49, $10.99 and $11.99 per month with varied services.


Duolingo is a free, fun and innovative program to learn Spanish. It consists of lessons that are suitable for younger students as well as their older counterparts alike. Apart from easy navigation, it also consists of lessons in easy chunks. Regardless of whether you are a job holder, a student or someone who remains at home, you can learn the lessons in shorter durations. Work out your schedule, and you would be good to go.

Duolingo is a free online service. Plus, you would not need to download anything as it is available online. All you need to have at your disposal is a computer, a laptop or a smartphone with a working internet connection.

Fluenz Spanish

If your objective of learning Spanish is to travel to Spain or any other region wherein the language is mainstream, Fluenz Spanish will perfectly fit the bill for you. As far as the content in this piece of software is concerned, it mainly targets teenagers and adults. It consists of a grammar and other important lessons that are suitable for learners from these categories.

Though this is a paid program, with subscription charges of $189, it is worth buying as you can store it in your computer or laptop and rely on it as a valuable resource to learn the important lessons in Spanish. It has an attractive interface which provides for easy navigation.

Listen to Spanish Podcast

If you prefer a voice medium to learn the language, then you will definitely like the media for learning the language which are given below.


Audiria is a free podcast for taking Spanish lessons on the internet. It has a wide range of topics for beginners as well as those who are looking for ways to establish their strong foothold over the language. No matter whether you find it easy or difficult to learn the language, it has its options for you to test your Spanish.

While it provides easy-to-learn lessons for beginners, it also has questions with considerable difficulty for those who wish to test their skills. Also, it posts updates to expand the vocabulary of its users across various categories from time to time. You can add your own questions relating to vocabulary and have them answered from the experts.


Developed by linguists, Pimsleur is leading audio software for learning Spanish by virtue of immersion techniques. It has content pertaining to the day-to-day conversation to provide its users with an understanding of the words and phrases that are used in day to day conversation.

This paid audio program comes at a price of $150 and is the best buy if you are looking for a reliable audio means to learn the language. It offers little visual content.

Learn Spanish by TV Programs

Living Language

Living Language is an outstanding Spanish learning program for those who prefer visual learning to its audio version. It comprises flashcard exercises, much to the assistance of English speakers, wherein one needs to associate a specific Spanish word with its English meaning. The sentence builder activity is also another useful addition in this regard.

You can get this useful tool for visual learning of Spanish at just $25 a month. Despite its amazing features related to visual learning, it has little in store for learners who wish to learn the language using audio means.

Coffee Break Spanish

If you wish to improve your knowledge of Spanish vocabulary without paying a hefty amount of money out of your pocket, Coffee Break Spanish is the option you should try out. It offers lessons in 15-20-minute episodes on a wide range of topics. It is available absolutely free of cost on the website for Coffee Break Spanish. Alternatively, you can also get it on Apple iTunes.

Learn Spanish Using the Visual Recognition Feature of Translator Application

Translation software constitutes another effective means of learning Spanish. Consider using the following applications to learn the language.

Google Translate

Google Translate has been reliable translation software for years. You can improve your vocabulary in Spanish immensely by using this free tool from Google. If you wish to get the translation of a written text, you can make use of its picture recognition feature. It is one of the leading free options for character and handwritten translations. You can access it on the web as well as on your Android and Apple device.

Microsoft Translate

In line with the features of Google Translate, Microsoft Translate is the Microsoft Corporation’s service to the learners of the Spanish language to learn the language. It has certain differences, though. As an extension of Microsoft PowerPoint software, it provides the option to start a virtual meeting room wherein you can add a participant of your choice and kick off a conversation by sending a code.

You need to purchase Microsoft Office software in order to use this tool. Although people use pirated software to access Microsoft Office on their desktops or laptops, it is illegal and is hence not recommended.

Learn Spanish via eBooks

eBooks are one of the best resources available on the internet to learn Spanish in a quick time. While there are various eBooks that you can find on the internet to learn the language, the one given below is the pick of the bunch.

Spanish Language Tutorial

Developed by ielanguages, Spanish Language Tutorial has lessons on phrases and vocabulary that are useful for conversation in real-life situations. You can rely on it to find out what you should say in order to converse with people in Spanish while you are at a restaurant, airport or other similar places. It is a Spanish e-book which you can download free of cost from the website.

If you have made a resolution to learn Spanish in 2019, use these tools along with your own methods of learning to see positive results.

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