There are a variety of reasons that can have you sold on the idea of visiting Thailand – the paradise for tourists in Asia. Year after year tourists flocks to this country in large numbers to experience the historic temples, the terrific hotels and of course, its white beaches. If you wish to also mingle with the native people here, you need to go an extra mile – you need to learn the language.

The good news though, is that you can do it right from the convenience of your home.  How? Well, there are numerous ways and resources to learn the language. You just need to adopt the right approach and with the right guidance and practice, there is no reason why you will not be able to master the oral and written communication skills of the language.

Countries where Thai Language is spoken

It is an open secret that Thai is the official language used in Thailand. However, a significant number of members of the native Thai population has moved to some other parts of the world. They have also taken the language along with them and have introduced the same to those countries as well. Other than Thailand, Thai is used in Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

Best websites to learn Thai Online

The internet has a solution for almost all kinds of problems. Learning Thai is not an exception to it. Just run a search with your queries and you will come across tons of websites that are ready with online lessons. Such is the variety of options available on the internet that you would be spoilt for a choice. Given below is the list of the best websites that will make things simple and easy for you to learn Thai in quick time.

Thus, the grammatical structure which is applicable to Hindi is different from a number of other languages around the world owing to its uniqueness. If you have made up your mind to learn the language, here are some resources that you can utilize to learn the language in a quick time. is arguably one of the best resources to learn Thai on the internet. It has been in operation for 15 years. It has everything a learner of the language would look for: from dictionary entries to illustrations and message boards. What’s good about the website is that it is a free website. So, you will not need to pay even a dime.


This is another fantastic resource for learning Thai. It is free and has all the common expressions that a speaker is likely to use in various situations. Plus, you will also come across various categories. Words are listed under these categories with picture illustrations to help you understand the language in a better way.


101Languages is a popular name among the leading websites that offer free online lessons on learning different languages. This free website has everything you would look for.

This website has a long name but is equally effective for both beginners and intermediate learners. Here, the lessons have been distributed in bits for an easy and systematic understanding. Again, this is a free website.


Slice-of-Thai offers a comprehensive free online course for the learners of the language and covers almost all the aspects one would look for to develop one’s oral and written communication skills. Coupled with a simple design, the website has a user-friendly layout to help you find the things you are looking for without much fuss.

Best podcasts to learn Thai

If you are not a fan of the old school method of being a voracious reader to know things from books or the web pages on the internet, you can consider learning Thai via audio resources. Even as you love to read, it may not be possible for you to keep reading a book or a document all the time. However, you can consider listening to podcasts even when you are on the go. Consider using one of the podcast options given below to ease the workload of learning Thai for yourself.

Learn Thai Podcast

Learn Thai Podcast is a website with 800 free video and audio lessons to help you master the language in a quick time. If you follow the podcasts sincerely and systematically, you can end up learning Thai in days rather than in months.


LangHub is another website on the internet made for the learners of Thai language who prefer to study a language by audi0-visual means. The website has segregation of courses for all kinds of learners. All you need to do is choose an option depending on your level of knowledge. The website covers all bases with a sufficient number of audio and video lessons.

Best mobile applications to learn Thai

Do you prefer to use your smartphone instead of a computer or a laptop to learn things? If yes, the good thing is that there are loads of applications on Android and iOS – two of the most popular operating systems for smartphones and tablets at present. Regardless of whichever OS you use, there is a sufficient number of applications to not only encourage you but to also keep occupied with learning Thai for hours.

Walen Thai

Walen Thai is a free application for learning Thai for beginners. It introduces the alphabets and numerical system to the learners of the language. This free-to-use app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Learn Thai

Learn Thai is a free app form the users of Android and iOS smartphones with more than 200 words and common expressions to lend a helping hand in learning the Thai language.

Learn Thai – Free WordPower

Learn Thai – Free WordPower is a free vocabulary booster. It has more than 2000 words to help you build fluency in Thai in a short span of time. This app is available for download on both iOS and Android operating systems.

So, there you go – make use of the aforementioned resources to expedite the process of learning Thai in quick time. Choose the best method to learn Thai online form one of the options above and get started.

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