Learning a new language is certainly a good option and especially when you need to use the language at your workplace, to interact with natives etc. If you are planning to learn a new language how about German? Yes, you can learn German online too, but books to learn German would be a good idea as you can just open your book anytime and anywhere and start learning German. Here is a list of few best books to learn German that would be helpful to learn the language easily.

1. The Everything Learning German Book- Author Ed Swick

The Everything Learning German Book-   Author Ed Swick

This book is a perfect book for the basic learning of German who want to be fluent in the language.

The books help you know simple phrases. The book comes with a CD that lets you improve your pronunciation listening to the native speakers in Germany speak. The comprehensive exercises along with basic learning to verbs are included in the book. The book is like a guide good for beginners.

2. “Living German” – Author Ed Swick

“Living German” – Author Ed Swick

Living German teaches helps you learn the language by knowing about the events, people and culture of German.

This book helps you improve your existing German language skills so that you can communicate with natives of German without facing any issues. With examples included from the real world, this book lets you learn the dialogues that help you grasp the language.

3. German Made Simple -Learn to Speak and Understand German Quickly and Easily – Author Eugene Jackson and Adolph Geiger

“Living German” – Author Ed Swick

If you are a self-learner then this books is for you. It takes care of basic learning and the objective is to help you learn the commons phrases faster. The book comprises of reading exercises and pronunciation guide to help you pronounce the words correctly.

4. Hammer’s German Grammar and Usage (5th Edition) – Author – Professor Martin Durrell

Hammer’s German Grammar and Usage (5th Edition) – Author - Professor Martin Durrell

All advanced German learners out there this is the perfect book you have been waiting for and you will come across grammar that’s helps you learn German the right way. If you want to take up writing tasks in German then this book helps you to check if the words you are using are correct

5. “Living Language German”

“Living Language German”

This can be termed as an all-in-one book to learn the German language as this is a complete guide that helps German speakers of all levels from beginners to advanced learners. It contains 3 books, 8 audio CDs along with an online course for training.

So, you have 3 different ways to learn the German language faster with this book.

6. Learn German with Stories- Café in Berlin – Author André Klein

Learn German with Stories- Café in Berlin – Author André Klein

Sometimes, learning German through guides may not be interesting. What if you could learn the language through short stories?

If you are thinking the same then – The “Learn German with Stories: Cafe in Berlin” is worth buying if you are a beginner. It comes with ten short stories that are engaging and also keeps you motivated while learning.

7. German Short Stories for Beginners

German Short Stories for Beginners

The book comprises of 28 pages of uncommon short stories n German that is ideal for A1-B1 levels. The stories included in this book are fun to read, quite engaging and is embedded with the right volume of new vocabulary.

The conversational and regular language with easy to manage chapters, introduction to new grammar keeps you enjoy reading and learning the German language as you progress reading the book.

8. Emil und die Detektive

Emil und die Detektive

You will find this book to be an interesting masterpiece for beginner & intermediate German learners worth buying. It is a popular German children’s book that describes a small boy who hails from small-town and leaves his town to reach Berlin.

The story revolves around some realistic characters and elaborates about the crime world and cabaret. The beginners should definitely read this book.

9. Die unendliche Geschichte

Die unendliche Geschichte

“The Never Ending Story” as known in English. The book written by Michael Ende presents the fantasy tale that you may be familiar with. Of course reading short stories that you find yourself to be familiar with gives you room to enhance German skills. If you like fantasy literature, then this book gives you the platform to know the common vocabulary.

10. Momo – Michael Ende

Momo - Michael Ende

Yet another exciting and interesting story by Michael Ende for teenagers, but it is an interesting story for adults too.

The story is quite strange and has time time-thieves and the innocent child who was successful in bringing back the stolen time to the people which makes it more interesting for students who wish to learn the German language.

11. Die Verwandlung – Franz Kafka

Die Verwandlung - Franz Kafka

Metamorphosis also termed as is fantastic literature from Franz Kafka. You will find short sentences with simple grammar used by the author and thus it makes it easy to read the book for beginners willing to learn the German language.

Also, the simple vocabulary and easy to understand story makes this a great fiction that is a must-read the book for all students who learn the German language.

12. Homo Faber – Max Frisch

Homo Faber - Max Frisch

This German classic was crafted by Swiss author, Max Frisch. The story includes basic grammar and vocabulary that is ideal for beginner learners to read and comprehend.

The story would be compelling for both beginners and intermediates with no advanced grammar as the read through the book.

13. Der Richter und Sein Henker – Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Der Richter und Sein Henker - Friedrich Dürrenmatt

The book is written by Friedrich Dürrenmatt and an engaging book for intermediate German students. The story has simple grammar and easy to understand the content and a perfect book for those who want to learn vocabulary through the environment of the story.

14. Russendisko – DJ Wladimir Kaminer

The author of this book Russian DJ Wladimir Kaminer has written a number of short stories describing young Jewish Russians residing in Berlin.

The book offers a lot of colloquial expressions so it is a great book for all intermediate learners. Apart from just learning the language the books also give you the information about that of an immigrant in Berlin along with the cultural pattern of the city.

15. Tschick – Wolfgang Herrendorf

Tschick - Wolfgang Herrendorf

Tshick is modern-day German novel, documenting the journey of two boys (14 years old) who start off on a road trip in a car that they stole from somewhere to get rid of the problems they faced at home. The story is funny though and keeps moving at a pace you will enjoy while getting to know the adolescence experience and what a true friendship is.

The easy to comprehend book is written in casual style and is worth reading for intermediate learners who already know some slang words used in German.

When it comes to learning a new language or brushing your current skills, make sure you select a book helps you accomplish your goal. Based on whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner, you should choose the book that suits your learning level to get better grasp of German.

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