The best thing you can learn about a place while traveling is the local language of that particular place.

There are always common expressions or words that are part of each culture and language. The languages may differ but greeting saying hello or expressing your love saying ‘I love you’ is quite common and something to learn.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you may be thinking about how to say “I love you” as in different languages across the world. You may be aware of saying it in major languages like Korean, English, German, etc. Well, there are so many other languages that you can explore to learn to express love. If you are ready to start learning, the article helps you learn how to say “I love you” in 26 different languages.

French: Je t’aime

Paris city is the most romantic city and saying “I love you” in French would be easy. Whether it is the city you fall in love with or the food here is how you say ‘I love you’ – “Je t’ aime”

Spanish: Te amo

Spanish people are full of enthusiasm and passion for music, food and dances etc. The passion and love for the liveliness they carry are incomplete without saying I love you. In short and sweets words you say it as “te amo” In case you wish to include “forever” before this beautiful text te amo you can say it like say, “te amo para siempre.

German: Ich liebe Dich

Germany is a beautiful country and you would meet lovely people on the streets of Berlin.  Get ready to say “Ich liebe Dich.” to express your love for this beautiful place.

Chinese: Wo ai ni

Chinese people believe the hearts of lovers are connected and beat like one heart. Isn’t romantic? Yes, but it still lacks those magical words ‘I love you’ which you say in Chinese as “Wo ai ni”.

Japanese: Aishiteru

You may love receiving gifts on Valentine’s Day from your Valentine, but Japanese women believe in giving gifts to their Valentine on Valentine’s Day.

No matter what gift you are planning to send out to your Valentine, those simple and sweet words – ‘I love you’ along with the gift can make your day and here how you say in Chinese “Aishiteru” 

Korean: Saranghae

Korean people use this small word for saying I Love you and that is “saranghae”, Interestingly, the answer to this that anyone would expect is “judo sarang haeyo.” (Yes, you guessed it right it means – I love you, too)

Arabic: Ana bahebak

Middle Eastern people are little conservative but certainly, they are headstrong and follow the modern culture. The magical words for I love you are expressed as “Ana bahebak” 

Hindi: Main tumse pyar karta/karti hoon

The Hindi language represents a lot of emotions when it comes to expressing love. There are different ways for expressing your love and you even poets support lovers to express their feelings.  The phrase for I love you in Hindi you can use to express your love is

 “main tumse pyar karta hoon” (Male)

“main tumse pyar karti hoon” (Female)

Greek: Se agapo

If you are finding it difficult to say “I love you” to your loved ones then Greeks have a short phrase for it and here it is Se agapo. The simple and sweet phrase makes all the difference.

Italian: Ti amo

Italian is the “language of Casanova” that is it believed to be the language of pure love. The Italians would always top the list of best lovers. They express their feelings by saying I love you as – “ti amo”.

Russian: Ya tebya liubliu

As they say, learn to fall in love from the Russians. They express it differently and say I love you as “Ya tebya liubliu“.

Hebrew: Ani ohev otakh

Hebrew believes that love is not just an emotion but it is a lifetime commitment, an action rather than just the crazy feelings.

They use this phrase for saying – I love you to a woman

 “ani ohev otakh”

To express I love to a man

ani ohevet otkha

Cheyenne: Nemehotatse

The Cheyenne express love in a way that it captures your heart. So, saying these three magical words is something very touching for them. The word “Nemehotatse” says it all. The phrase expresses true love.

Tagalog: Mahal kita

The language – Tagalog is the native language spoken in the Philippines. The word they use to express love or saying I love you is Mahal kita

This word can be used to express love for any gender. It represents love, romance and friendship.

Increasing the intensity of this word to express deep love is amazing  You can use “Mahal na mahal na mahal kita.” to express your intense love for someone.

Thai: Phom rak khun

If you have found a Thai partner for yourself then do not wait to learn the magical word for I love you in Thai. Here it is how you say “Phom rak khun“.

Vietnamese: Anh Yêu Em

Vietnamese people use so many romantic phrases but out of the many I love you are the common one. They use the phrase “Anh Yêu Em” to express their love for each other.

Indonesian: Saya cinta kamu

Indonesians have their own and different vocabulary and phrase to say “I love you”. They express it like “Saya cinta kamu”.

Swedish: Jag älskar dig

If you have landed in Sweden and fallen in love with the place but do not know how to say-  “I love you” then you can express your feelings for this beautiful place by saying “Jag älskar dig”.

Georgian: Mikvarhar

If you have planned your trip to Georgia and want to learn some useful phrases including I love you then the easiest word that describes your feelings is “Mikvarhar”.

Ukranian: Ya tebe kohayu

You can express love for your parents, children, friends or loved ones. The language may differ but the feelings remain the same. Here is how to say – “ I love you”  in Ukranian language “Ya tebe kohayu”.

Brazilian – Portuguese: Eu te amo

Learning to know saying I love in Brazilian Portuguese is not that difficult and can help you as a dating lesson. Saying it Portuguese is easy “Eu te amo” is the phrase you can use to express your true love for anyone.

Dutch: Ik hou van jou

On your trip to a place like Dutch even if you want to say that you like or love something you need to know how to say the magical words – “I love you” and it is super easy. The phrase that is used to say “I love you” is – “Ik hou van jou”.

Finnish: Mina rakastan sinua

Finnish language has a long-phrase to express love and they use it when entering a long term relationship “Mina rakastan sinua” is how they say – I love you”

Belarusian: Ja ciabe kakhaju

If you have dreamt of falling in love then you need to learn how to express it to. If you are trying to learn the Belarusian phrase for I love you then here is the phrase which is little complicated but interesting to learn “Ja ciabe kakhaju”.

Icelandic: ég elska þig

If you are searching the internet to learn the simple and short Icelandic phrase for I love you then you can learn it as “ég elska þig”.

Serbian: Volim te

It is always helpful to learn some romantic text in different languages and when it comes to the Serbian language you can just learn this small and simple phrase for I love you – “Volim te”.


Whether you are trying to learn to “I love you” or any of the common phrases like Thank you etc in different languages, you can learn it through different websites. Certainly, the pronunciation would be different than what you read. So, you can also listen to audios or watch videos to learn how to pronounce it correctly.

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