It is not easy for anyone to learn a new language. To learn a non-native language, you may think of an online tutor or attending classroom sessions.

The most effective method you can opt for is Language exchange Apps and Websites as they help you practice a specific language naturally through your smartphones.

Here is the list of 12 best Language exchange Apps and 6 best websites that can help you learn any language fluently.

Best Language Exchange Apps

  1. HiNative
  2. Memrise
  3. HelloTalk
  4. HelloPal
  5. BestTandem
  6. Italki
  7. Speaky
  8. Forvo

Best Language Exchange Websites

  1. Babbel
  2. Duolingo
  3. Clozemaster
  4. Busuu
  5. RhinoSpike


HiNative is one of the best language exchange app which is based on question and answer pattern to help you get answers to all your questions by native speakers.

There are different categories in which you can send out your questions and they are

 “How do you say this?” and “Ask Something Else,”


It is a free tool which also supports android and iOS app for language exchange and offers courses for 200 and above languages


  • Easy lessons with sufficient practice sessions
  • It offers plenty of courses and vast vocabulary.
  • It has a friendly interface and a vast flashcard library.
  • Active forums help you interact with other learners


  • Fully user-generated content affects quality.


HelloTalk is among the comprehensive language exchange apps to learn Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese or any language in an interesting way.


  • Text to voice and voice to text feature help understand and communicate in the target language


  • Drains out the phone battery when the app is functioning in the background.
  • You need to get the paid membership in order to unlock some interesting features.


With the help of features like filtering & matching offered by Hello Pal, it is easy for you to select a language partner that is suitable for you.


  • Smart translation tools
  • Learning the language becomes easy through integrated phrases
  • “Do not disturb” and user blocking features help you protect your privacy


  • App UI is not user-friendly
  • Limited language phrasebook


Tandem is certainly the ideal language exchange App that helps you speak like a local.


  • Video/voice call features make the language learning process interesting and easy
  • Interact with professional tutors
  • Range of app features available
  • Strong community forums


  • Searching……


Italki acts as a platform that connects you to native teachers specialized in respective languages globally.

You can interact with them one to one and get flexible lessons online in 50 different languages.

This version of the language exchange Mobile app is created to help students and teachers to organize the lessons properly.


  • Experienced and trained teachers
  • Convenient learning method
  • Helpful community discussion


  • Features are limited in mobile apps


Speaky offers an exciting tool to learn any new language. It helps you connect with the language partner and interact globally.


  • The tool is free of advertisements
  • Strong filtering options let you locate the right language partner


  • A feature like voice/video calls on mobile apps are not available
  • No well-instructed resources available


Forvo is completely free language exchange App as well as website that offer help with pronunciation.


  • The native speakers record the words
  • Words available in different categories makes it easy to search words you want to


  • Registration mandatory to view the entire site content.

Language Exchange Websites


It is a practical language learning tool available online that is a little expensive but worth the quality courses if offers


  • Each and every aspect of language learning is targeted like writing, reading, speaking and  listening
  • Quality content with plenty of examples that give you a clear picture of the grammatical format of respective languages.


  • Lacks the proper gamification aspect as compared to other popular sites.
  • You will not get complete courses for free
  • Certain languages are not included like others


Duolingo is a platform which is free to use and learning a specific language becomes easier. It is available as a language exchange Mobile app as well as a website.


  • Get to learn languages through drills that need a combination of writing, reading, speaking and listening.
  • The web pages can be translated easily.
  • Data-driven format for planning the lessons
  • User-friendly interface with regular revisions available


  • The apps focus on learning languages but lack grammar explanations.
  • Being a crowdsourced platform silly sentences pop up often.


It is an encouraging tool to learn a non-native language especially the vocabulary section.


  • Game settings can be modified
  • Provides ample of repetition


  • Not ideal for newbie


You can utilize amazing features of Bussu on the website as well as on its App which is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.


  • Well-designed courses facilitate language learning.
  • Chat feature available


  • Some important features like grammar-based lessons etc are available only for the Premium members.


RhinoSpike helps you interact with native speakers to share audio files for foreign languages.


  • RhinoSpike lets you ask for anything like text block, word, etc to get it recorded from the native speaker.
  • You can ask for a transcription of any audio file.


  • There is a waiting period for the text you requested to be recorded.


Based on your learning pattern you can try out any of these language exchange apps mentioned above. You can explore the features available with each app to select the right one.

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