Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, kids are now back home and to keep them busy, learning a new language is one of the best ways. So, naturally, there has been a discussion about language learning for kids at home: how can the parents help their kids pick up other language words and phrases? And what online resources are out there to lighten the load of full-time working parents, managing a full-job and their child’s education at home. To keep them busy in a productive way can be a challenge but not an impossible task.

Way to make language learning for kids Easy

While there are some great apps for adults to learn languages like French, Spanish, Chinese or Korean, when it come to teaching kids at home, a different set of guidelines must be followed. Here’s the few tips that you need to implement to make it happen.

Make Language Learning Interactive

Children fail to grasp knowledge when it becomes monotonous or boring. So, to make sure your children are engaged in a productive manner, you have to make the process of learning interactive. Make them listen songs and stories and engage them in asking questions.

Use language learning apps for Kids

Apps such as Duolingo, Busuu, LuvLingua, etc are such interactive apps which present different ways to encourage language learning in children. There are songs as children love listening songs and it is one of the best ways to make children familiar with new tones and rhythm of a language. This can highly influence both, listening skills and their pronunciation. It employs repetition, play and child-friendly games to keep them active. Moreover, these apps are accessible on Android and iOS.

Use YouTube for Kid’s Language Learning

You can have access to language learning courses for children on YouTube; as are for ‘free’. Qualified teachers on Busuu and others on YouTube are there to teach your children new languages in many new ways. There are videos for every age, so make use of the free time you’ve got. This way you and your child will be active and learn something together.

Tell Stories and Sing Songs

Anything from nursery rhymes to modern French songs can be immensely helping for the kids to pick and learn phrases without fretting over the grammar. This way they will become more aware of the structure of the language. Use actions and motions to keep your child’s attention on you and have them repeat those with you. Singing helps in memorize phrases and words of that new language. Act it out yourself with the use of puppets that seem real to your children.

Make Language Learning for Kids Funny and Entertaining

It is indeed a challenge to make kids learn so keeping them busy by solving quizzes, make them listen to songs or playing games and activities are some great ways. Keeping them productive for short term will be fruitful in the long term as they will develop their skills which will help them in future. Use bright colors, moving objects, talking animals, changing scenery and cartoons to help them memorize words which aren’t monotonous and keep them active. Plan on repeating the same language at several times and in many different ways.

Spice it up with prizes

Give them a task and when completed, celebrate the victory by gifting them some of their favorite things. It doesn’t need to expensive but something they like or adore. This will motivate them to do more and as a result they will be busy doing their tasks. Challenge them with tasks that are unexpected and engaging, this will help them interested in learning.

Listen, and be Patient

Language learning for kids can be very tedious as you have o remember that young ones do not process and communicate their ideas as quickly as adults. So, let them take their time and meanwhile be patient and encourage them to express their thoughts as it shows that you are genuinely interested in what they have to say.

Read to them everyday

Present reading as an enjoyable and fun activity to the kids as it is a crucial part of language learning. Use materials that age appropriate so that the books they are reading are not too hard or easy for them. Make sure they don’t feel like ‘studying’ rather make it interesting by using toys and other materials to keeps them engaged. As kids are concrete thinkers, they won’t be using language to talk about language. Make them use their sense organs to feel it, hear it, smell it, touch it and taste it.

Communicate in Language Kids are Learning

Children tend to imitate behavior what they observe in adults so it is important to lower yourself to their level so they feel valued while talking to you. Make them feel important and encourage them to communicate their thoughts to you. Be creative while talking to kids and let yourself indulge in their world.

Follow, these tips and you are good to go. Just make sure that you let your creative juices flow and invent new ways to keep your child’s attention on you. Kids love repetition, so it’s totally fine to repeat activities each day of the week. Learning new languages helps children become more creative, more flexible and engage better in problem solving. Children who have learned multiple languages score better on tests as a group, compared to those who do not.

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