Hindi, the official language in India other than English, is a language which more than a billion people speak around the world. The origins of Hindi can be traced to the days when Sanskrit was the popular language in ancient India. It has grown in popularity in recent years due to the growing influence of Bollywood – the movie industry in India – which mainly deals with Hindi movie and comes second to Hollywood in terms of popularity.

About Hindi Language

While the people of most English speaking and European countries consider this language as a difficult one to learn or speak, there are also those who believe it is relatively easier in comparison to some of the languages that are used for official communication in the Middle Eastern countries. This perception has something to do with the Devanagari script which is the script for writing the language.

Major Countries Where Hindi is Spoken

Although Hindi is mainly an Indian language, it is also used as the second language in some countries across the globe. These countries include Nepal, Mauritius, some African countries such as Uganda and some Caribbean islands.

Ways to Learn Hindi

Regardless of your native language, the prospect of learning Hindi would be nothing shorter than a challenge for you. The words of this language are spelled. Pronounced and used in a different way in comparison to English. Unlike English, which follows an SVO (Subject Verb Object) pattern in terms of grammar, Hindi follows an SOV (Subject, Object Verb) grammatical structure.

Thus, the grammatical structure which is applicable to Hindi is different from a number of other languages around the world owing to its uniqueness. If you have made up your mind to learn the language, here are some resources that you can utilize to learn the language in a quick time.

Reliable Websites to Learn Hindi

If you are planning to learn the language on the internet, it is a good idea as there are many free websites on the internet which offer this feature. A list of three top sites is given below for the convenience of learners.


This is one of the best free resources available on the internet to learn the language in a quick time. Unlike other websites, that try to pick up the lessons from the middle, this one does it right from the grass-roots level. From the introduction to the language to vowels and consonants and tenses, this resource covers all the bases for different learners.

Even if you are an advanced learner, this website can be a great learning resource for you. This is a free website, so you do not need to worry about paying any charges upfront or in the course of taking the lessons on the website. When you add up these two reasons, it gives you the reason why visiting this website is the best way to learn Hindi online this year.


MindurHindi presents a modern way of learning Hindi in a month’s time. It has a course which has been designed keeping the needs of the people who are on the go. It combines lessons with daily sentences and exercises to help users grasp the fundamentals of the language in a quick time.

The best part about this resource is that it is free. So, you can start taking your lessons without worrying about the price factor.


Loecsen is a website with a simple design and a simple but practical solution to learn the language. It begins with the common phrases and then moves on to the phrases that a speaker is likely to use for different situations.

This is yet another inexpensive option if you are looking for the best resource on the internet to master the communication skills in Hindi without forking out a hefty amount of money.

Learn Hindi from Podcasts

Apart from websites, you can also listen to podcasts to improve your communication skills in Hindi. Do not forget to check out some of the great resources given below.

HindiPod 101

This podcast-based resource teaches Hindi in the style of a podcast in collaboration with videos. In fact, it has more than 880 video and audio lessons which is simply mind-blowing. It has free as well as paid subscription.

BBC Hindi Podcast

BBC is a familiar name in the world of both English speakers and learners. But do you know it also offers helpful podcasts for the learners of Hindi as well? This free podcast resource has numerous videos and audio podcasts to improve your communication skills in Hindi.

AIR Hindi Bulletins

AIR (All India Radio) broadcasts news bulletins in small packages. Listening to these news bulletins is an innovative way to not only keep abreast with the latest news and updates but to also improve your knowledge and vocabulary in Hindi. You can download the app for it either from Google Play or iTunes, depending on the operating system of your smartphone.

While the Android version is free, download the app from iTunes to find out if any charge is applicable.

Applications for Learning Hindi

Haven’t found the platform of your choice or the one which ticks the boxes of your preferences on the web? Don’t worry. You are likely to find a reliable solution via Android and iOS applications. Try out one of the innovative applications given below.

RBhasha Hindi

RBhashs Hindi is one of those applications which offers lessons to learners right from scratch. If you are passionate about learning Hindi in 2019, this app with its colorful lessons and voice-over feature in Hindi and English would be of great help to you. Its price is £2.49 for Android and £2.28 for iPad devices.

Learn Hindi Phrases and Words

As the name suggests, this application is dedicated to the cause of making a learner a master of the language in quick time by acquainting then with the common phrases and words that are used for day-to-day conversation. It is a fun and intuitive way of learning the language. It is available only on iTunes and can be used absolutely free of cost.


Mondly is a free Hindi learning application which is available on both Android and iOS platforms. It not only provides fun-filled Hindi lessons but also allows users to communicate with other Hindi speakers with its conversation course.

Google Translate

Google Translate is the ready-to-go application for translating the texts or words from one language to the other. You need to be a little careful while using this application, though as sometimes it translates your sentences to the T but fails to do so on other occasions. However, you can use this outstanding free application for Android and iOS to widen or enrich your vocabulary.

So, these are some top-notch resources that will help you keep your resolution to learn Hindi in 2019. Use these resources alongside your own methods of learning to see positive results in a few months’ time.

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