About Swedish Language

Swedish is a North Germanic language which is native to 10 million people especially in Sweden and some parts of Finland.

Standard Swedish evolved from the Central Swedish dialects in 19th century and had evolved by the 20th century. Modern Swedish began with the advent of the printing press. The Swedish language which is spoken today underwent a gradual change before evolving into what it is today.

Countries in which Swedish is spoken

Swedish is the only official language of Sweden, and one out of the two national languages in Finland, the other being Finnish. In 2006, it was the sole native language of 7.5 to 8 million residents of Sweden. In Finland about 5.5% of populations were native speakers of Swedish as recorded in 2009.

The largest population of Swedish speakers outside Sweden and Finland are in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and in the Scandinavian countries France, Switzerland, Netherland, Canada, Australia and Belgium.

Websites And Platforms You Can Use To Learn Swedish

Learning a new language has become very easy these days with the advent of new techniques and ideas. The online platforms and websites guide you to learning a language from the beginning to the end, as well as help to sharpen your skills which you already have. Here are the 10 best websites and platforms to learn Swedish online:


The application begins by using simple texts pictures and audios to help you to associate the sound with text visuals. After this, you manually translate the audio into your native language.

Every section builds up your vocabulary and construction of sentences. Duolingo is a free application which works online through their website and also by their application which is available for Android, Iphone, Ipad and Windows.


Memrise is a free learning application. It is easy to work and supports offline courses which is a definite plus point as you can active your free time to learn even when you don’t have an internal connection.

The application uses a unique method to teach new methods to build a connection between various words, making it easier to remember.

Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone is a professional level service for learning of Swdish languages. They provide a free application which is specially designed to help travellers learn basic words.

The application provides dozens of pictures along with common phrases of the Swedish language. The learner needs to repeat the words which help in practicing the pronunciation.


Babbel does not take an immersive approach however it provides tips and guidance in your native language. While proceeding through various lessons, Babbel provides lesson which span in between ten to fifteen minutes which are mainly based on your interest, containing vocabulary which is personalized for the user.

The first lesson is free however the later costs depend on your commitment. The shortest being for a month at 12.95 dollars and longest for a year.


The mobile language application of Tandem provides you exchange pair from all over the world so that you can learn the language in your native language.

The community has around a million members across more than 150 countries, providing a guarantee of finding someone always available to connect with. The learner can request a professional tutor by giving a specific fee for prepaid lesson.

Live Mocha

Live mocha provides lesson in Swedish language with different platforms available for reading, writing, speaking and listening. New materials are provided after asking the user to apply whatever they have learned. Although the premium membership is not free the user can earn credit by teaching other clients.

Mango Languages

The websiteprovides learner with realistic conversations and helps to strengthen the communication skills. Each lesson begins with a specific sentence and breaks it down to explain the grammar vocabulary and pronunciation.

Radio Sweden pa latt Svenska

It is the NPR of Sweden where you can listen to the news in Swedish and make your Swedish language skills more proficient by writing to direct conversations. The podcast is completely free for use.

BBC Languages

The BBC language provides 40 language and conduct tests to access your level as a beginner, intermediate or advanced.

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