About German language

Going by the recorded history of Germanic languages we see they begin in the 1st century with the Romans. At that time and several centuries later there was only one German language with little or minor dialects. It was only after 6th-century one could speak of a ‘German language’. Today as a spoken language german exists in many dialects most of them belonging to high German and low German dialect groups. The main difference between the two is in the sound system.

Countries in which German is spoken

The German language is mainly spoken in Europe as the official or co-official language of countries like  Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the German-speaking community of Belgium and Liechtenstein. It is one of the major languages in the world with almost 100 million native speakers and one of the most widely spoken languages in the European Union. It is also the second most spoken foreign language in the EU after English.

Websites and Platforms you can use to learn German

FluentU German

This is an application which makes learning German fun and flexible but keeps you in. this platform takes real time german videos like music, movie trailers, news, etc. and turns them into personalized learning lessons. This means you will be learning German as it is spoken in real life. Keep browsing their huge library by difficulty, topic, and format. They have flashcards, vocabulary puzzles, quizzes and more.

Price: $15 for unlimited access |   $ 30 for learn  mode features

ActiLingua Academy

Another one of those free options for both beginner and advanced. The resources the site has been really through and easy to use.

If you are not sure where you stand there is an online test here to show you where you stand.

They also offer you a resume writing service. This fantastic feature will help you build a resume in no time.

Price: Free

Babble German

A fabulous range of courses with a target audience of beginners to intermediate.

The first lesson is free after which you need a subscription to continue.After you are ready to go you will be offered 6 courses. First one will be the basics after which the ones will be strengthening of your knowledge and building it on specific themes.

Price: $6.95 per month

Deutsche Welle

This free course is awesome and easy to use even for technophobes. A quick placement test will pace you on the ladder and the only way is up from there.

If the old school you can print the exercises and solve them offline.

Price: Free

Chat with a Native Speaker through Language Exchange platforms


There are various courses available here for advanced learners ut A1 through B2 should be what you are looking for if a novice.it might look a bit expensive at first but it does offer a hell lot of resources for the price you pay.

One of the notable features is the availability of personal tutors.Just remember you have to commit one-on-one sessions with the tutors and people with busy schedules are recommended to think twice before committing.

Price: 675 pounds

Deutsch-Uni Online

A website having options from beginners to advanced. They offer a unique business german course. If you are planning to shift to Germany this is the course you will need.

You can take a tutor here and we highly recommend you to do that.

This website is super easy to use. They put you in touch with other learners so that you air your grievances together.

Price: 150 pounds


This is a fantastic free website. they are fully packed with exciting resources. There are around 20000 German grammar and vocabulary exercises covering all levels of learners.

Even if you re learning on a different website, I would recommend you to visit this at times to practice some of their exercises.

There is also an online chat forum where other learners can help you out along with teachers.

Price: Free

Listening to German podcasts


This is a great place for listening to podcasts. One of the best idea for learning new lessons. Also, you can have the whole German package for minimal prices.

Price: $1 for the whole German package.

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Slow German

Anything but slow this is a fabulous way to accelerate your learning experience. The episodes are hosted by a journalist. For beginners, they are hosted in English with a mild intro to the German world. They help you to learn basic conversations.

LiveMocha German

All the language contained on the website can be accessed as free or by paying. You can earn a point by completing lessons playing quizzes and complete learning exercises and helping others. Being more helpful fetches ore points,  so if you are active on the site it is completely free which is one of the best features of the site.

Price: Free

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