About Malay Language

Going by the recorded history of Malay languages we see that it is one of the major languages of the Austronesian family which is mainly spoken in the countries like Indonesia, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei. Standard Malay which is also known as the Court Malay was actually the literary standard of the pre-colonial Malacca and Johor Sultanates, and for this reason, the language is sometimes known as the Malacca, Johor or the Riau Malay to differentiate it from the various other Malayan languages.  Even the language is sometimes used as a trading language in the southern parts of the world which includes the southern Philippines, southern parts of Zamboanga peninsula and the southern predominantly Muslim inhabited municipalities of Bataraza and Balabac in the Palawan.

Countries in which Malay is spoken

The Malay language is mainly spoken in Indonesia, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. It is also spoken across the state of Malacca, thus including the coasts of the Malay peninsula of Malaysia and the eastern coast of the Sumatra Islands in Indonesia and is therefore spoken by almost 290 million people. It is one of the major languages in the Asian countries with almost 100 million native speakers and one of the most widely spoken languages in the Eastern countries.

Websites And Platforms You Can Use To Learn Malay

Learning a new language has become very easy these days with the advent of new techniques and ideas. The online platforms and websites guide you to learning a language from the beginning to the end, as well as help to sharpen your skills which you already have. Here are the 10 best websites and platforms to learn Swedish online:


This free course is awesome and easy to use even for technophobes. A quick placement test will pace you on the ladder and the only way is up from there. Even it is one of the well-known options in this list. In this one, it is designed more like a game than a course. Other than this, it also focuses on the making of the language learning intuitive.

Malay 101

This website is one of the most useful websites for beginners to learn the Malay language. Here, one would find quick English to Malay translation for the most common words used in day to day life. Apart from all these, there is also a section of Malay news, Radio, grammar, flashcards, word of the day etc.

Transparent Language

Transparent Langauge generally provides an assortment of ways of learning the Malay language which is also a great resource for the self-directed learner to learn the language of Malay. Moreover, this webpage helps to become a pro in learning the Malay language.


This site thus offers one with a fabulous range of courses with a target audience of beginners to intermediate. The first lesson offered by this site is free after which you need a subscription to continue. After you are ready to go you will be offered 6 courses. First one will be the basics after which the ones will be strengthening of your knowledge and building it on specific themes.

Audio Malay Language Lessons Online

This is a great place for listening to lessons online and therefore is one of the best ideas for learning new lessons. This site is mainly for the beginners with almost about zero knowledge about the language. All one need to do is to click the play button and thus one can start having his/her lessons anytime and anywhere.

L-ceps Personal trainer

This site is basically for the beginners as it comprises almost more than 10 fun lessons where one learns Malay by hearing to the audio sounds. Even there is also an online chat forum where other learners can help you out along with teachers.

I languages

The website provides the learner with realistic conversations and helps to strengthen communication skills. Each lesson begins with a specific sentence and breaks it down to explain grammar vocabulary and pronunciation.

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