Dutch is one of the main languages spoken in Europe and by the majority of the people in the Netherlands. It is the most widely spoken language after its relatives English and German and it is said to be in between them.

Countries where Dutch is spoken

It is the official language in the Netherlands and Belgium. Other than the low countries it is spoken by the population of Suriname and Aruba and Sint Maarten which are the constituencies of the kingdom of the Netherlands located in the Caribbean.

Helpful Websites to learn the Dutch Language online quickly


This is a beautiful website for learning grammar not only for beginners but also for people who want to reinforce what they have learned in school. Here you can learn or brush up your grammar at your own pace no hurries!
The systematic presentation of the learning curve for the beginners is to my liking and you get a short test to see how much you understood!

Pricing: Free

Website Link: https://taalhuisamsterdam.nl/en/

Welk lidwoord

This Is a simple website which is built for the sole purpose of knowing that the noun is a de or in her form. For many beginners, this can be really confusing and one of the most annoying issues of the language and they will affect the adjectives in front of the noun.

Pricing: Free

Website Link: https://www.welklidwoord.nl/


This is one of my favorite language learning applications available as of now. The fun way of learning a language. They encourage language learning in small sizes so that you can use it in your short breaks.
These lessons cover a wide range of topics and they have comprehension listening and writing skills embedded in those lessons . with practice the lessons get tougher and your skills develop.

Pricing: Though this is primarily a free download there is a premium subscription.

Website Link:h https://www.duolingo.com/


Another popular application allows you to develop your language skills and hear the native language of the dutch. There is also the option of learning dutch through interactive speaking.

Pricing: $6.95 per month

Website Link: https://www.babble.com/


A popular among apps teaching Dutch and other popular languages.
You can start off as a newbie or skip all the way to advanced lessons. Something unique about it is the way it teaches the new courses and phrases.
It also offers offline courses which are a major benefit for people on the go. There are a free version and a full version which costs under 5 USD. its compatible with both iOS and Android.

Pricing: 4.95 USD

Website Link:h https://www.memrise.com/


This is a gem for people who prefer self-study to test the proficiency of their language. Materials are also written for a teacher for their students. There are levels like A1, A2, etc with different types of exercises and grammar, comprehension. There are beautiful Dutch songs with a subtitle for you to listen. The listener can download the PDF file containing the lyrics of these songs which contains explanations of the Dutch terms

Pricing: Free

Website Link: https://nt2taalmenu.nl/

Je kan me wat

This is one of those fun websites of learning Dutch. Unfortunately, this can only be used in computers and won’t be running on your mobile. Each module comprises of 11 parts with phrases and audio along with the exercise of that level.

Pricing: Free

Website Link:http://www.jekanmewat.nl/

Online languages

This is a multi-language platform having several categories and links to any other websites to facilitate the language learning quest. The most valuable asset is the picture dictionary where you learn a word against a picture in the beginner level. There is also a flash card section to reflect back on the words learned. There is an ‘example of use’ sections where you understand the sentence construction and usage.

Pricing: Free

Website Link:  https://www.languagesonline.org.uk/Hotpotatoes/index.html


No more out of the book storylines. Now you can learn Dutch with fun, interesting, and culturally relevant lessons that are easy to listen too. They are both fun and effective. Joins the millions of people who are learning the language in the form of app, desktop or in the website. Resources are also available along with the podcast for learning the vocabulary and revising the key topics.
Lessons are available every week so that you don’t have to spend a fortune to improve your proficiency level.

Pricing: Free

Website Link:  https://www.dutchpod101.com/

One minute dutch

Radio lingua brings you this short series of 10 podcasts that teach you the very basics of the Dutch language. Over the duration of the course, you will learn to say a variety of words and phrases.
Starting with basic greetings such as hello and goodbye And learning to introduce yourself, counting numbers. Not for advanced people but really helpful to beginners.

Pricing: Free

Website Link: https://radiolingua.com/2011/10/lesson-1-one-minute-dutch/

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