About Turkish Language

The Istanbul Turkish is the most widely spoken Turkish with around 10 to 15 million native speakers in southeast Europe and 65-70 million native speakers in Western Asia. the noticeable characteristics of the Turkish language ar the vocal harmony and extensive agglutination. This language has o noun classes and grammatical gender.

Countries where Turkish is spoken

It is the official language of Turkey. Northern Cyprus and Cyprus. Outside this, it is also recognized as a minority language in Greece, Iraq, Kosovo, Romania, and North Macedonia. Here we see the best websites to learn Turkish online.

Websites And Platforms You Can Use To Learn Turkish Online

Learning a new language has become very easy these days with the advent of new techniques and ideas. The online platforms and websites guide you to learning a language from the beginning to the end, as well as help to sharpen your skills which you already have. Here are the 10 best websites and platforms to learn Turish online:

Turkish Lite

This is an interesting app which describes itself as not a dictionary. They claim that the only way to survive in a foreign land is not by studying grammar and knowing all the language rules but by having a wide range of useful vocabulary. With this app, you won’t be the tourist going through the pages of the dictionary while the waiter stands beside you to take the order.

They help you memorize keywords which you can use in different situations. They teach using flashcard software.


This pocket-sized application is best for people on the go as they allow you to download the Turkish language courses and lets you learn subjects like history, science, and pop culture.

They have some of the best algorithms of revisions so that you retain what you have learned.

AccelaStudy- Learn Turkish

This is the perfect app for students, business executives and anyone who wants to learn Turkish quickly. They help to quickly, easily and teach permanently new words using native speaking voices for all the words using features such as spaced repetition. That helps to quickly memorize new words. Using statistics that help to grow your learning curve and track your progress.

They have it all flashcards, quizzes, MCQ audiovisual and a hands-free mode which allows you to keep learning while running and jogging.


This app is available in different languages including Turkish with a special feature of connecting the learner with the native speakers. After learning the fair bit of words and sentences you will be checking with a native what you have actually learned. They use audio-visual techniques with the help of photos and videos.

The app even has a travel course sectio featuring transportation, help for going out of town, money handing , eating, shopping etc., mastered  all the levels ?

Start coaching others.


One of the best places to learn turkish whether a beginner or an advanced learner this platform is for all. There will be a placement test and you will be allotted as per your level from where the lesson starts. The short and fun lessons means you can keep on learning during short breaks and off time. As you move along the ladder the lessons and the grammar gets tougher along the way.

Live Mocha

Use the cons at the time of signup to open the lessons. The website opens with level one with alphabets and numbers. These are audio-visual lessons with playback involved. Slowly advance to higher lessons and keep collecting coins for the same.


This site teaches you the Turkish language with random useful conversation which you might encounter while visiting the countries. The phrases are designed for different situations.  Here you not only learn the language but the ways and the rituals of the country. There is also a downloadable

Digital Dialects

This site provides free resources for the Turkish language and the course is divided into 15 modules. They teach numbers sentence construction grammar among other things. you can play free language games here like quizzes and comprehension. One of the very best places to brush up your language.


They have 5 modules namely vocab, phrases, grammar, flash card, and quiz. Here you will find a huge and diverse list of words to play with. Go to the flash card and the quiz section to practice the words you have learned. This is one of the best resources online to learn the Turkish language.

Gerisi Hikaye

Presented by three horror writes this is a blog where all the discussions are related to that genre be it films, superstitions or legends, scary stories. Anyone regular at the podcast knows a great deal about the Turkish culture and its one of the most interesting podcasts. There are more than 100 episodes since 2014 with topics such as Stephen King, horror comedies and ghost stories. The also discuss famous characters on which they have published books.

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