About Vietnamese Language

As per the recorded history of Vietnamese languages we see that it is one of the major languages of the Vietnamese people. It is, therefore, an Austroasiatic language which is mainly originated in the Vietnam region, where Vietnamese is thus the national and official language. Firstly, it used to be the native languages of the common people living there as well as also the native language of many ethnic minorities of Vietnam. Even this language is also considered officially as a minority language in the Czech Republic.

Countries in which Vietnamese language is spoken

The Vietnamese language is notably the official and the national language of Vietnam. This language is somewhat similar to the Yue Yu language which is spoken by the Gin in the southern Guangxi Province in China. Vietnamese is also the first language of the majority of the Vietnamese population. Even it is also the first and second language for the country’s ethnic minority groups. This language is therefore regarded as one of the 14 minority languages mainly on the basis of the communities which has been resided in the country either traditionally or on a long-term basis.

Websites And Platforms You Can Use To Learn the Vietnamese Language

Learning a new language has become very easy these days with the advent of new techniques and ideas. The online platforms and websites guide you to learning a language from the beginning to the end, as well as help to sharpen your skills which you already have. Here are the 10 best websites to learn Vietnamese Language online:

123 Vietnamese

Around the year 2003, this site was launched and was then one of the best free websites which has professionally invested as well as gained major success in teaching the Vietnamese language to the foreigners. This site is designed carefully with comprehensive content which is easy to understand for anybody. Even this site also helps you to learn this language interactively through songs and short films.

Learn Vietnamese with Annie

This site is basically for the beginners as it comprises almost more than 10 fun lessons where one learns Vietnamese by hearing to the audio sounds. Even there is also an online chat forum where other learners can help you out along with teachers. This website is actually a collection of videos from her channel which is very much simple and informative to learn.


There are various courses available here for advanced learners ut A1 through B2 should be what you are looking for if a novice. It might look a bit expensive at first but it does offer a hell lot of resources for the price you pay. One of the notable features is the availability of personal tutors. It, therefore, connects one with the native Vietnamese speakers on Skype.


In this one, it, therefore, helps one person to learn the Vietnamese language as well as also teaches them how each word of Vietnamese is being pronounced. Just you have to type the respective word in the search bar and then wait for it to translate the whole thing. If you are planning to shift to Vietnam then, this is the course you will need.


This is a great place for listening to podcasts. Thus it is one of the best ideas for learning new lessons. Also, you can have the whole Vietnamese package for minimal prices. Apart from all these, there is also a section of Malay news, Radio, grammar, flashcards, word of the day etc.

Glossika Northern Vietnamese

Here in this, one can learn the language of Vietnamese through sentences and repetition of it. This course, therefore, uses mass sentence method to combine with an advanced space repetition system just to teach one Vietnamese in context.


This is an application which makes learning Vietnamese fun and flexible but keeps you in. This platform takes real time Vietnamese videos like music, movie trailers, news etc. and turns them into personalized learning lessons. This means you will be learning Vietnamese as it is spoken in real life. Thus, keep browsing their huge library by difficulty, topic, and format.


It is actually web-based language-learning software which is another one of those free options for both beginner and advanced. This fantastic website will help you build a resume in no time.

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